Zhejiang electric appliance industry if necessary
2018-08-22 02:57:37

"In located at liushi, your donation box can be seen everywhere, even ordinary people are voluntarily in the contributions." Liu town propaganda civilization office, 4000 companies, no one is lagging in disaster relief.

Shortly after the quake, zhejiang electric industry association to the industry issued a call to aid the disaster area.

Chint, delixi, people's electrical appliances, the Great Wall... These familiar names, you now appear in the forefront of the disaster relief list again. Established "new located at liushi yueqing charity federation chapters accept donations, is now close to 10 million yuan, this figure does not include chengtai those big group."

As electric appliance, the city of wenzhou in China, but more is the technology competition and market competition, so an unprecedented disaster action consistent assistance than ever before.

"In zheshang groups, merchants cognition to the suffering is real, the experiences and entrepreneurial stage, after solving the problem of survival and development, therefore, to participate in charitable become the common choice of the enterprises to fulfill social responsibility."

Only by constantly developing its own, fulfill social responsibility to have more confidence. Electric industry association, zhejiang province, according to data from wenzhou electrical industry output value of 56.7 billion yuan last year. From the three gorges project, the shenzhou spacecraft, to hotels and ordinary families, made of zhejiang electric products almost everywhere.

"After the wenchuan earthquake reconstruction, will be a long process, zhejiang electric industry will play a greater role." Yesterday, chint group spokesman Liao Yi deeply feel the same way.